Uganda: Adventurous Biking around Lake Bunyonyi Island

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Is it safe for a woman to cycle? Absolutely! I did it! Cycling is a beautiful sport that fills you with precious quiet moments of awe and gratitude.

It was an incredible and fantastic way to explore the amazing views of Lake Bunyonyi. The stunning scenery literally takes your mind off burning calves and throbbing thighs. Yes, the roads are really, really steep! Impossible to bike, no!

On day 3, during our stay at Bunyonyi Safaris Resort– we decided to do something new. Despite the fact that my husband and I never had previous experience with long distance biking, we got inspired by the perfect weather to do a cycle tour around the magnificent Lake Bunyonyi.

Here’s our experience of the adventurous biking……,

Enjoy it

Rediscovering the feeling of happiness when I jumped on the road bike after a very long time was just what my body needed.We got our bikes, helmets, bottles of water and started off our trip with our guide Allan from Bunyonyi Safaris Resort where we stayed. We enjoyed every moment spent cycling – it was a splendid experience.

Life is full of ups and downs

In my eyes, the hills seem to go on and on, the voices in my head whispering louder, “you’re not strong enough to ride up the hill all the way”. But then, inevitably I crest the hill and started to freewheel down it because our desire to get to our destination was greater than the temptation to get off the bike and just walk all the way.

As long as you’re still breathing, just keep doing it. Consistency is the determinant not the speed. You will make it. Something we were grateful for was that- we continued cycling up the hills and down the slopes of the narrow, bumpy road. Some places we pushed our bikes up but never gave up. Giving up is for losers- be a winner!

 Admire the world around you

One way of not forgetting nature is by taking time off to appreciate and admire them. We got off our bikes in places that had stunning views, interesting admiration and took photos.

Gladly we’ve never regretted each moment we stopped to connect and admire nature.

Make the most of life – self treat

The roads are narrow, bumpy – keeps you bouncing steep up and downhill that made my body yearning for some rest.

We then made a stopover at Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort where we had some drinks, relaxed and enjoyed the wonderful facilities around.

Don’t get stuck chasing your dreams and forget about your happiness.

Take time and indulge yourself with activities that refreshes your mind. Go for vacation. Connect and appreciate nature.

Be courteous to road users

The people we encountered were gentle, humble and friendly. Spent most times Waving and taking photos with giggling toddlers in the community grazing cattle, goats, sheep and greeting villagers on their way to the field. These offered us the best way to connect and discover the real heart of community in Kabale.

 Anything worth starting is worth finishing

We got back to the resort and reflected on our journey. Reflection on the encouragement, laughs, jokes, beautiful scenery gave us a sense of satisfaction with the challenge we overcame.

Starting anything in life- be it a business project, education, relationships deserves finishing. Ofcoz challenges will always get along the way but you don’t need to bow to them – overcome them to be a victor.


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  1. I LOVE this! I love how happy you both look and I love all the messages behind your words too. That hill looks steep but you beat it. You’ve also tempted me to hop on a bike!

    • Kristin, thanks for appreciating. You will surely love the biking experience. We loved it, especially after not biking for a long time.

      Cheers ?

    • Thanks. The views are stunning and quite relaxing. We felt totally refreshed. It’s a great place to Visit!!


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