Chasing waterfalls: Unforgettable Sipi Falls

As much as I loved my Saturday work schedule in Mbale town, visiting the magnificent Sipi falls was worth my work trip.

Sipi falls – is one of the most stunning and beautiful natural wonders of Uganda, if you are a nature lover this is a must visit- from the lush greenery to trekking the attractive hills and enjoying the beautiful scenery. It is located at the foothills of Mount Elgon, in Kapchorwa District, eastern Uganda. It boasts of a series of three stunning falls; the first fall at the top is at 85 meters high, middle at 65 meters and the biggest falls at 100 meters high over a massive cliff into the plunge pool below it.

After my visit to the falls, my passion for waterfalling grew stronger. Water falling is not just not about water flowing in all its might, force, the chilly and milky white form but it’s truly a life changing experience one should have- a moment to forever cherish.

Sunday morning, my brother I drove to the falls. The scenic beauty of the hills was really breath taking. We parked at Sipi river lodge where we got the most amazing, friendly and knowledgeable tour guide.

Sipi falls are active throughout the year- so, make your visit any time of the year. Though in rainy season it’s most active which enables you to witness the waterfall in its best beauty.

As you get closer to the waterfall, the echoes of the sound of water flowing fills the atmosphere. There is nothing as compared to listening to the beautiful sounds of nature with no city chaos. Moreover the water is very clear and clean- feel free to take a cold bath under the falls. During heavy rains, swimming or bathing can be risky due to the great force of the waters.

So here is my experience of the three falls,

65m Fall

This is closest to Sipi River Lodge where we parked. It required a short walk to the bottom of the waterfall. The uniqueness of this fall is the tiny cave behind.  You can have a spectacular view of the fall from behind while in the cave. The view of this middle fall from the top definitely made me appreciate the magnificent overview of the landscapes.

85m Fall

Definitely, my favorite! I hiked to the base of the base of the fall with my guide giving me a hand of help so I could not fall. Ofcoz, the walking stick was extremely helpful- the rocks were wet and very slippery. Make sure to put on good shoes for hiking- mine was poor choice due to my unplanned trip.

The water falls with lots of vigor spewing mist all over the place- got me a lot wet. Braving my way to the bottom was the most cheerful and splendid thing ever- the chilly mist, very clear rainbow, the sound of nature is really what I need.

100m Fall

This fall is near Lacam Lodge, it’s the last I visited. The view of this fall from the top is quite beautiful and stunning.  Sadly, I couldn’t descent down to its base on the flimsy ladder made of pieces of tree trunks with wooden planks.  If you are extremely brave, fit and fearless- go for the ladder and if your not- then take the longer route and hike to fall while enjoying the rich benefits of nature walks.

My thoughts…..

Sipi fall is an adventurous place with a variety of activities that are simply breathtaking like Rock climbing, cultural encounters, bird-watching, coffee plantation visits and mountain climbing.  To fully enjoy the gorgeous and stunning views of all the three falls, plan a fun day of serious hiking which will take you 3-4 hours- it’s worth the effort and visit.

Sipi falls was worth the visit and very affordable!


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