Horse Lovers: Horse Riding Adventures at Flametree Stables in Uganda

Riding horses is fun and enjoyable. For me, it has become a high-priority activity that has brought me in contact with the unique elements of peace, beauty and nature. Horses are royal creatures, attractive and pure. Horses have something very special about them that makes you feel exceptionally unique and deep relaxation yet still keeping you in the present- a feeling you only get while on the horse because it’s not just a hobby or sport but an action of the heart.

What makes it even more enjoyable is that, you feel the horse’s movements and your body subtly in tune with the rhythm. The experience of the wind whipping your face and ears as the horse’s hooves thunder beneath you into the woodland with such a splendid view is truly a dramatic beauty

In my quest for a riding stable in Kampala, I was so glad I landed on Flametree stables……, If you are looking for a unique, fantastic travel experience in Uganda- Flametree stables will offer you all that.

Flametree Stables is a beautiful home for 39 horses and ponies in Kampala, Uganda owned by a passionate horse lover Miranda Bower who perfectly knows how to make her guests feel comfortable- this explains why there is such a great good vibe on the stable. A perfect countryside nestled in 20 acres of a beautiful woodland and beautiful flowers after Gayaza on Kayunga Road, Kijabijo Village.


The horses are 100% well maintained, healthy and taken care of- absolutely well trained, educated, sensitive while being gentle and patient with all personalities of riders.

Flametree Stables offers riding classes for all categories- ranging from beginners to experienced riders, children and adults, private or group lessons all at affordable and friendly rates.

My friends and I went to Flametree stables twice for a horseback ride and I must say, “there is nothing as compared to horse riding”.  We had a fantastic experience at the stables. When we arrived, a warm welcome from the manager and staff that graciously explained to us the approaches for horseback riding styles for beginners, assisted us wear the helmets and introduced us to the horses.

 The staff are exceptionally friendly, excellent, professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about the horses as much as Miranda does. Our guides were so amazing introducing us to our horses, extremely diligent to fitting us to the right horses and saddle, and showing us how to be around horses and properly handle our horses.

“Heels down and head up, knees down and heart up, ankles close to your horse’s sides, elbows close to your own………we set off for our ride”

My first-time horseback riding was on a Pony named Flora and my friend Viola rode on Monte. A lovely horse is a remarkable experience- that’s how best I describe Flora. Both horses were amazing. Flora has a brown body, a black mane and tail, black on the lower legs, and black hairs on its head.

At first, I was anxious but my guide James was so helpful- With that, I was able to feel the sheer joy of the ride that drew me back to the stable the second time.

After the beautiful experience I had at the stables, i was compelled to go back. Bombay was the horse I rode. A truly powerful and majestic horse. It was a marvelous, royal experience riding on a white horse.


My guide Hamidu was entertaining, fun, knowledgeable, careful about horses and their character- his conversation throughout the ride was so meaningful and inspiring about horses.

I had ample time after my ride with my friend to go greet and interact with some of the horses that were grazing around. They are wonderful, calm and adorable.

 Why you need to visit Flametree stables……

If you are a horse lover and you find comfort in the saddle, Flametree stables will not leave you disappointed. All their offers for the ride are extremely affordable. The wonderful guides are a bonus to your real adventure in a perfect countryside stable with beautiful scenery and incredible horse-riding experience.



Learning how to ride a horse has become my life time pursuit I wouldn’t trade for anything. I could go on and on but I’m sure you get my flow! Thanks for the great horseback ride experience Flametree stable team!

Have you been to flametree stables? what’s your experience?

What is your experience in horse riding?

Visit and let me know of your experience.

Visit @

+256 776700697

+256 757700699

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  1. This is nice. Thank you Beatrice. It really reasonates with my horse riding experience. Although seems scary at the start, horse riding with the help of an experienced guide is an amazing experience….

    • Yeah, it’s scary at the start. I was nervous too but turned out to be the most amazing experience ever. Thanks for sharing your experience on horse riding.

  2. wow wow wow, i have been there and indeed the horse riding was worth my time and money spent. i can’t wait to visit again.
    Thanks Beatrice for the good work you are doing everyday.

    • Tabs, thanks for sharing your experience at the Flametree stables, there is nothing as compared to horse riding. It’s a wonderful experience. Thanks!!.

  3. Oh my! My brother loves horses yet I didn’t know where to go. Thanks Laki for this blog. We are definitely gonna visit and will let you know afterwards
    Can’t wait😍


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